Tiera Del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego is a combination of beach bar, restaurant and cafe, is located right on the beachfront of Acharavi. (north Corfu)
The sea is so close that you feel the light breeze at nights, while guest enjoy the hospitality of Tierra del Fuego & Fuego Beachbar/Restaurant.
The beachbar of Tierra del Fuego and Fuego Beachbar/ Restaurant gets pretty popular with tourists and locals from all over Corfu.. 
The restaurant offers a mixed cuisine. A variety of hot and cold snacks, along with a wide choice of refreshments make Tierra del Fuego & Fuego beachbar nice places for small social gatherings.
The lounge has two areas and there is plenty of space for everyone to chill out. 
The ambiance is cozy with dim lighting and a live DJ to play the latest popular numbers in the dance-pop genre.  A few yards behind the cafe, there is a spacious parking lot for guests.